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Trucks are large vehicles that are built to carry goods and materials from one place to another. Due to its size, it may be difficult to maneuver properly, especially in traffic. Furthermore, with thousands of drivers occupying the roads, it makes it even more complicated for truck drivers to get by. Not only will a car driver prevent a truck driver from entering their lane, but they will perform reckless actions to cut them off, as well.

There are drivers who have openly expressed having ochophobia or semiocophobia, both of which involve having a fear of trucks or semi trucks. If a driver is afraid of driving next to a truck, their nerves will influence them to do anything they possibly can to avoid being near one. This can be dangerous, especially if the driver is in panic mode, as they can blindly drive into another lane and potentially crash into a driver nearby.

Negligent drivers are one of many factors that can contribute to the cause of a truck accident. Other possible causes of a truck accident include the:

  • Truck driver. There are many actions a truck driver may commit that can get them into an accident. This includes disobeying traffic lights or signals, speeding, distracted driving, drowsy driving, or driving while under the influence.
  • Truck company. A truck company is expected to hire people who are qualified to take on the role of being a truck driver. If a company hires a negligent driver who intentionally disobeys the rules of the road or goes against their work hours without facing any repercussions from management, then it is likely for the company to be held responsible for any damages caused by the employee.
  • Truck manufacturer. Under California’s strict liability law, “A manufacturer, distributor, or retailer is liable in tort if a defect in the manufacture or design of its product causes injury while the product is being used in a reasonably foreseeable way.” For example, a truck breaks down in the middle of the road due to a defective part. Multiple vehicles, including the truck, endured serious impact from one another, which resulted in a disastrous accident. Under this circumstance, the manufacturer will be subject to liability.

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Driver At-Fault for Accident

All trucks are expected to comply with state laws, federal laws, and regulations. Unfortunately, there are truck drivers and truck companies that intentionally ignore these rules in order to prevent themselves from falling behind on schedule. This can cause a truck driver to experience severe fatigue that will make it difficult for them to have their eyes open while on the road. Not only will this affect their sleeping habits, but it can also harm their health. Regardless, it is not ideal for an employee to overwork themself.

Under California Vehicle Code 21702, a truck driver may receive a misdemeanor if they spend over twelve consecutive hours driving on the road for a 24-hour period. A truck driver who does not comply with this law and causes an accident will be responsible for damages.

Driving Safely Around a Truck

It is understandable for people to have a fear of driving near trucks. As stated before, the fear of driving near a truck can influence people to commit negligence actions that may result in an accident.

Below, we have created a list of tips you should consider taking to drive safely around a truck.

  1. Passing a Truck – To safely pass by a truck, you should maintain speed that does not exceed the posted speed limit. You should also make sure you are visibly noticeable before making an attempt at passing a truck. Prior to passing a truck, you must make a signal first. Make sure you accelerate right after you pass the truck to prevent yourself from remaining in its blind spot.
  2. How to React to a Truck That Is Passing by – Slow down once you start noticing that a truck is trying to pass you. This will make it easier for them to enter your lane. Speeding to prevent a truck from changing lanes can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. You may crash into the truck as it is in the process of entering your lane. If you manage to pass the truck before it makes a move, you may potentially crash into a vehicle ahead of you. This could occur if you lose control of your vehicle’s speed or if the vehicle ahead of you makes a sudden stop.
  3. What You Should Do When a Truck Is Backing Up – Do not pass a truck that is backing up. The truck driver will be unable to identify you because you are in their blind spot. They will likely continue to back up as you are trying to drive away. You may only pass by if the truck driver gives you a signal to drive.

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