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Common Food Delivery Problems in Riverside

According to DoorDash, Riverside has one of the largest networks of food delivery options. Users may choose from 3,194 restaurants in the comfort of their own homes. As the popularity of food delivery services continues to grow, many concerns have also become quite apparent. With the pressures of providing a speedy service combined with a tapestry of congested traffic, it can lead to a recipe for disaster.

Food delivery drivers are often found having to meet time constraints in order to receive good reviews and tips. However, there have been many cases where a food delivery driver was behind on schedule and had to perform negligent actions to avoid facing any consequences for being late. Doing this is not only breaking California road rules, but it also creates a dangerous environment for the food delivery driver and other drivers nearby.

If you were a victim of a food delivery accident, you should reach out to an experienced food delivery accident attorney who will guide you through the process of filing a claim. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we aim to acquire maximum compensation for our clients. With our track record of winning over 5,000 personal injury cases and recovering more than $1 billion in settlements, our Riverside food delivery accident attorneys can confidently say that your case will be in good hands.

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Common Causes of Food Delivery Accidents

Due to the city’s roads becoming so crowded, it is likely for a food delivery accident to occur. Listed below are a few common causes for food delivery accidents in Riverside:

Inattentive Driving. A distracted driver is not only a safety issue for food delivery companies, but for others on the road, as well. In fact, according to a National Safety Council study, there are over 1.6 million accidents that happen each year while a driver is on their cell phone. Furthermore, approximately 390,000 injuries are caused by texting and driving.  

Speedy Service. Food delivery companies ensure timely delivery and some even offer apologies and rewards for tardiness, such as Domino’s 30 minutes free pizza. Other delivery drivers believe that their tip is directly dependent on how quickly they can transport food. Regardless of the reason, speedy or aggressive driving is a leading cause of many food delivery accidents.

Confused Driver. More often than not, a delivery driver is headed to an unfamiliar address. The driver may be in a cluster of confusion and begin to make sudden stops and quick turns. These actions can result in an accident.

Common Food Delivery Issues

Like all industries, the food delivery business comes with downsides. Listed below are a few common issues that are associated with delivering food.

  • Food Safety. The safety of the food is always the top prerogative for most restaurants and food delivery companies. Regulations, such as the Sanitary Food Transportation Act, mandated that all food items, including animal and pet food, must be transported according to the rules set by the FDA. Food storage and delivery is based on the type of food and the distance of travel. For example, the FDA requires food items to be stored under the following temperatures:
    • Dairy Products. Must be stored in refrigerated temperatures of 2°C to 4°C (36°F to 39°F).
    • Produce. Must be stored in refrigerated temperatures of 2°C to 4°C (36° F to 39°F).
    • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood. Must remain refrigerated in temperatures of 4°C (39°F) or colder.
    • Frozen Foods. Must be refrigerated at -18°C or lower.
  • Food Tampering. This essentially applies to the driver. According to a study conducted by US Foods, 54 percent of food delivery drivers were tempted by the smell of a customer’s food, while 30 percent admitted to tampering with the order.

Food Poisoning Cases in Riverside

According to a recent study, approximately 48 million Americans suffer from food-related illnesses each year. On average, 128,000 Americans are sent to the hospital for this type of illness and about 3,000 of these cases were reported as fatal. Due to the fact that food delivery involves separate parties, it can be difficult to assign liability. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study and discovered that:

  • A majority of food-borne illnesses stem from outdated or unsanitary produce, such as fruit, nuts, leafy greens, and vegetables.
  • Most food-related deaths stem from infected poultry or meat.
  • Fish and shellfish are responsible for 6.1 percent of illnesses and 6.4 percent of deaths.
  • Eggs and dairy products are estimated to cause about 20 percent of illnesses and 15 percent of fatalities.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

There are over 250 distinctive bacteria in food that can make someone sick. Food poisoning can also happen several hours after the initial food was ingested. Common symptoms of food poisoning include diarrhea, fever, joint aches, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, and stomach cramps. If you’re concerned that you’ve been food poisoned or that your condition may be worsening, we suggest making an appointment to get it checked out. The doctor will run blood tests, stool tests, and possibly imaging tests to determine a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been found, your doctor will create a treatment plan that will help you recover from the food poisoning.

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