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Common Types of Scooter Accidents and How to Avoid One From Happening

E-scooters have become a popular choice of transportation in Long Beach. In August of 2020, the city made the transition of moving from an electric scooter pilot program to a Shared Micro-Mobility Permit Program. Long Beach selected four operators, which are Bird, Lime, Razor, and VeoRide, through the Request for Proposal process. The program allows for these four operators to apply for a Micro-Mobility permit that lasts for only one year. Each of these said operators may deploy up to 500 e-scooters, with the possibility of having it increase to 1,000 e-scooters. This program was established to allow users to have an environmental-friendly alternative to transportation that will give them an easier experience of traveling across the city.

Even though e-scooter services are convenient and affordable, many people have started to notice the lack of safety it provides to its users. Eligible users are not given any safety gear, such as a helmet or elbow or knee pads, to protect themselves from serious falls that may cause deep cuts or bone fractures. Furthermore, inexperienced riders will likely be seen using an e-scooter. Since these riders have not practiced riding an e-scooter, nor have they been educated on how to properly use one, it could be difficult for them to navigate their way through Long Beach roads without getting into an accident or falling down.

Pedestrians may also fall victim to an e-scooter accident. It has been known for e-scooter riders to leave an e-scooter on the ground. Many have often piled up e-scooters in one location, which has caused traffic for those who are using the sidewalk. Pedestrians who may be distracted from having a discussion with a friend in person or through the phone will not be able to notice all of the scattered e-scooters on the ground and will likely trip and fall down. Not only will e-scooter riders create hazardous conditions for pedestrians, but they may also go against California road rules and ride an e-scooter on the sidewalk or crosswalk. This is dangerous as it can increase the chances of an e-scooter rider striking a pedestrian.

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Types of E-Scooter Accidents

iding an e-scooter may not be as easy as it seems. Those who are new to the concept of using a motorized scooter will likely make multiple mistakes during their first few tries of riding it. New riders are always encouraged to take some time to learn about how an e-scooter functions prior to taking it out for a ride. However, many people choose to learn on the spot, which can be a dangerous decision to make. Beginners are often found facing a multitude of obstacles, such as avoiding contact with a vehicle, pedestrian, or object. Those who fail to educate themselves on how to ride an e-scooter or relentlessly go against California’s road rules will inevitably be involved in an accident.

The most common type of e-scooter accident is one that involves an e-scooter rider and a driver. Since e-scooters are much smaller in size compared to a standard car, it can be difficult for a driver to detect a rider nearby. However, this does not necessarily mean that the driver can get away with it. A driver is required to provide a duty of care to everyone they are sharing the road with, including e-scooter riders. Any lane changes or turns will require the driver to make a cautious observation prior to performing either action. Those who fail to keep their full attention on the road and do not make any cautious decisions will trigger an accident. Now, if an e-scooter rider was speeding or performing dangerous stunts while on the road, it is very likely for them to also cause an accident. Since California is a comparative fault state, parties involved in an accident will be questioned in order to determine the amount of negligence that was contributed by both sides.

Another type of e-scooter accident involves a pedestrian. As previously stated, it is illegal for an e-scooter rider to ride on the sidewalk. It is extremely dangerous to allow a vehicle with high speeds to pass by pedestrians since it can cause forceful impact that will likely place the pedestrian in critical condition. Furthermore, with e-scooter riders leaving e-scooters on the ground, it will trigger pedestrians to fall down. Injuries may occur depending on how strong the impact was to the ground. Now, if an e-scooter has been left on the street for far too long, and the city has been aware of the issues it has been causing to residents and visitors, they must resolve it. If the city ignores the problem and complaints continue to rise, the city could be held responsible for allowing pedestrians to get injured. Property owners may also be found at-fault if the e-scooter is found on their property and they have done nothing to solve the problem.

E-scooter manufacturers and companies are other parties that can be found guilty of an e-scooter accident. Manufacturers are required to inspect products to make sure they are in good condition prior to releasing them out to the public. Any noticeable defective part must be resolved or given warning to users for safety purposes. Failing to inform the company of possible defects could place the manufacturer at-fault for causing e-scooter accidents. If the manufacturers have informed the company about any defective parts in a batch of products they have created, the company is required to notify users of these said issues if it is already accessible to the public. If a company fails to provide a warning to users, such as Lime, then that company will be held responsible for injuries or damages their defective product has brought upon the user, along with the other party who was involved in the accident. Common faulty parts that have been found on an e-scooter include flat tires, brake issues, motor problems, and loose handlebars.

The final cause of an e-scooter accident involves poor weather and road conditions. Weather conditions, such as rain, hail, or snow, have been known to damage e-scooters. Heavy rain or snow can make it difficult to travel as these elements can permanently damage the vehicle once it becomes fully submerged. These weather conditions could also cause the battery and motor to overwork. Now, if you are riding in a poorly constructed street, you may notice several potholes, debris, or cracked pavements. These hazards have the ability to damage your e-scooter and/or cause you to fall on the ground. Under this type of situation, the city could be held responsible for allowing a road to contain hazards that are putting residents and visitors at risk of getting injured.

To get an idea on whether or not you have an e-scooter accident case on your hands, it is highly encouraged to contact an experienced Long Beach e-scooter accident attorney to review your situation. Make sure to provide the attorney with any important documentation or evidence to have them look over. If you are given the green light to pursue a personal injury claim, you will have the chance to acquire compensation for any damages or injuries you sustained from an e-scooter accident.

How to Avoid E-Scooter Accidents

Due to the substantial number of people riding e-scooters, it has become difficult for local governments to create safety regulations, especially for areas that are highly populated. Riding an e-scooter in Long Beach can be dangerous. If you are riding your e-scooter or manual scooter, please be aware of:

  • Road hazards. This includes branches, potholes, poor weather conditions, faulty pavements, and debris.
  • A motorist’s blind spot.
  • Pedestrians, especially if they are crossing street corners or intersections.

You should also follow safety methods before using an e-scooter. This includes:

  • Wearing protective gear. Put on a helmet, knee pads, and/or elbow pads. Reflectors are recommended if you are planning on riding at night.
  • Testing your e-scooter before taking it out for a ride. Before you purchase an e-scooter, it is important to take it out on a test run first.
  • Driving at a safe speed. Do not speed on the street or sidewalk, especially if there is traffic. Failure to do so will likely result in an accident with a vehicle, pedestrian, or object.

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