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How Commercial Trucks Can Pose as Safety Risks for Other Drivers on California Roads

It goes without saying that commercial trucks pose a real threat to all cars on the road. That is why there are so many truck crashes in California. They are slower and heavier than any car on the road, and they can easily cause serious property damage and horrific injuries.

Commercial trucks include the common semi-truck or 18-wheeler, but they include tanker trucks, dump trucks, and many types of delivery vehicles. The level of danger a commercial truck will pose to others is specific to the body type and the cargo being transported.

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Truck Accident Facts

Commercial trucks are absolutely necessary for the wellbeing of the American economy. However, it is impossible to ignore the real hazards that they bring to our roadways. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are almost 450,000 truck accidents every year. While some are exhausted because they do not follow the 8-hour rule.

The data compiled by the NHTSA tells us that just over 5,000 drivers lost their lives in these accidents. Alarmingly, 74 percent of the individuals who died were mostly car drivers or passengers.

Commercial Trucks and Common Hazards

Commercial trucks, such as the common 18-wheeler are dangerous not only because of how large they are, but because of their enormous blind spots.

Dump trucks, on the other hand, are a hazard to drivers for different reasons. These are carrier vehicles that are used for construction materials, such as dirt, sand, and debris. It is very common for this material to fly out of a truck’s box and hit a vehicle. This may cause a driver to be temporarily blinded.

Delivery trucks are made to carry cargo in a large, open area behind the driver. These trucks are sometimes known as box trucks. They are known for being heavy and easy to tip over.

Truck Driver Negligence

Perhaps the greatest reason why commercial trucks are so dangerous is not the truck itself, but the actual driver. Due to the pressure and long hours they operate under, truck drivers are prone to driving negligently on the road.

There are many forms of truck driver negligence.  A few common examples of truck driver negligence may include:

  • Not obeying the posted speed limit
  • Cutting curves sharply
  • Not yielding the right-of-way
  • Driving when already tired
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of  drugs or alcohol
  • Not obeying traffic lights
  • Negligent truck maintenance
  • Dangerous lane changes
  • Violating Federal Motor Carrier Regulations

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