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What California Roads Should a Truck Driver Be Cautious of?

Truck drivers are required to be on the road nearly all day. Unfortunately, many of them have come across poorly constructed roads during these trips. Road hazards, such as potholes and cracked pavements, have been known to affect a truck driver’s ability to properly control their vehicle.

As truck drivers are not given much of a choice to determine what path would be more ideal to take, it is important for them to have an idea of what to expect when driving on dangerous roads. Below, we have listed roads in California that can have a detrimental impact on a truck driver. We hope this information will help truck drivers keep an eye out for hazardous conditions the next time they are scheduled to head out on a drive to any of the locations mentioned below.

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Roads With the Most Truck Accidents


The I-5 highway runs from Southern California to Northern California and passes through what is commonly known asthe Grapevine,” a section of the highway that crosses through the California Central Valley with winding roads. This road is the fastest route to drive between Northern and Southern California, though it lacks scenery and local attraction. There are many commercial drivers who span this road for long hours at a time and can easily become bored staring at the endless nothing this road has to offer. Fatigue can play a large factor in causing accidents for all drivers on this road, especially for truck drivers who cannot afford to take extensive breaks like regular drivers can. 


The I-10 highway is listed not only as one of the most dangerous roads in California, but also as one of the most dangerous roads in the country. This road passes through Southern California to the border with Arizona. On this road, poor road conditions and negligent driving are the main causes of most accidents. Both conditions can be dire for truck drivers.


The I-15 highway extends past different interstate lines all the way up to the United States and Canada border. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are two tourist hot spots connected by this route. With a large population of drivers occupying this road, especially during weekend getaways, it is inevitable that an accident will take place. This could be very dangerous for truck drivers that share the road as they are making deliveries to meet the big cities’ needs.

Highway 49 

Highway 49 is located in Merced County and is notorious for its winding roads and sharp turns. Drivers who are unfamiliar with this road may drive slowly to ensure their safety, while drivers who have occupied this road before will drive at high speeds. Due to the winding road conditions, those speeding past slower drivers can get themselves into a head-on collision if they are momentarily blinded by oncoming traffic. These head-on collisions could be caused by drivers wanting to overtake and pass a commercial truck for its slow driving speed by switching into another lane of oncoming traffic.

Mineral King Road 

Mineral King Road is a tight road with narrow streets that has no shoulders for cars to pull over and has sharp blind turns. This highway is occupied by various types of vehicles including cars, RVs, and commercial trucks traveling to Sequoia National Park for camping purposes or to deliver supplies. The sheer narrowness of this road can contribute to the cause of a commercial truck accident as they attempt to navigate the narrow roads, which are congested with other vehicles that share the same path.

State Road 138

State Road 138 is a highway that crosses Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County. Due to the many twists and turns that this highway has, it can be particularly dangerous for truck drivers who drive at fast speeds and have heavy loads of cargo. Truck drivers have strict deadlines to meet, especially in the age of online ordering on demand. With the expectation of having fast delivery services, it can be challenging for truck drivers to meet deadlines.

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