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Worried About the Risks Associated With Riding a Scooter in California? Here’s a List of Tips to Consider to Prevent Getting Into a Scooter Accident

E-scooters are becoming more common for transportation usage. Companies like Lyft, Bird, and Lime have made it easy and accessible for individuals to use e-scooters to go to their desired locations. All of these companies have apps available on smartphones to authorize the use of these e-scooters. Even though traveling with an e-scooter has become more convenient, safety has noticeably become a big concern.

As e-scooters continue to become easily accessible, more inexperienced riders will be on the road. This can be dangerous as control and stability are important factors that need to be mastered in order to safely ride an e-scooter. If a rider is unable to remain stable and in control of the e-scooter, they are more likely to get into an accident. Below, we will further discuss the types of injuries an e-scooter rider sustains, the risks that come along with riding an e-scooter, and a helpful list of steps an e-scooter rider should consider taking to reduce the chances of getting into an accident.

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In the United States, nearly 1,500 injuries and deaths were caused by e-scooter accidents in 2018. There are several types of injuries that an individual may suffer from. The most common types of injuries relating to e-scooter accidents include:

  • Cuts,
  • Bruises,
  • Broken bones,
  • Paralysis,
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), 
  • Concussions, or
  • Internal bleeding.

The individual could also die if they get into a serious e-scooter accident with another vehicle or object. 


There are several risks involved when riding an e-scooter. This includes:

  • Dangerous roads. Roadway defects are quite common. Individuals need to look out for faulty pavements, debris, gravel, and potholes. Failure to do so will result in loss of control or contact with another vehicle nearby. Several e-scooter accidents have happened because of this. Riders can make an attempt at avoiding road hazards, but will be unaware of the oncoming vehicles, thus resulting in a collision. 
  • Reckless behavior. There are riders that will take advantage of riding an e-scooter in a negligent manner. This involves individuals who are riding at a high speed or doing dangerous stunts, which could affect other drivers or riders as they are trying to pass by. These reckless riders could create an accident if they are not careful enough with what they are doing. 
  • Lack of protection. Compared to cars, e-scooters do not have a lot of protection. There are no safety bags or seat belts available for the rider to utilize. If they get into a collision, they could face more severe injuries compared to a driver. 
  • No experience. Individuals who have little to no experience with riding an e-scooter could get themselves hurt, especially if they are riding during heavy traffic. It is important for riders to practice in an empty area where there are not a lot of vehicles around. 
  • Visibility. Since e-scooters are not as big as cars or motorcycles, it could be difficult for other drivers to notice them. 
  • Stability issues. E-scooters could end up giving the rider a hard time maintaining stability, especially when abrupt braking and swerving happens. 
  • Intoxication. There are riders who will intoxicate themselves with drugs or alcohol and still choose to ride an e-scooter. This can create a big risk factor for other drivers or riders that are nearby.


To prevent yourself from being involved in an e-scooter accident, it is highly recommended that you do the following:

  • Wear protective gear when you are using the e-scooter. This includes a helmet, knee pads, shin guards, wrist guards, and elbow pads.
  • Avoid riding the e-scooter on the sidewalk. You will increase your chances of making physical contact with pedestrians walking by. You must ride your e-scooter in the bicycle lane. Make sure that you are visible to vehicles around you to prevent getting into an accident. 
  • Do not go too fast. Being in a rush and riding too quickly will increase your chances of crashing into a vehicle or pedestrian. 
  • Do not use an e-scooter if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will not be able to put your focus on making sure that you and others around you are safe. If you notice another rider who is under the influence, make sure to stay far away from them to protect yourself from getting into a collision with them.
  • Go with the flow of traffic. You must ride your e-scooter in the same direction as traffic. Make sure to use hand signals to keep drivers around you aware of which lane you are planning to merge into. 

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