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The Most Common Types of Scooter and Pedestrian Accidents That Occur on California Roads

E-scooter accidents have become fairly common in California As shared e-scooter services, such as Lime and Bird, become widely popular and easily accessible, e-scooter riders, whether they are experienced or inexperienced, will take the opportunity to use this service to have an easier time navigating their way throughout the city. 

Many parties can be involved in an e-scooter accident. This includes an e-scooter rider, motorist, pedestrian, city, or the manufacturing company that created the e-scooter. Liability will be determined based on the amount of negligence that was contributed by those involved in the accident. 

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Types of E-Scooter Accidents

When a E-Scooter Malfunctions

One of the most common types of e-scooter accidents involves an e-scooter malfunction. E-scooter companies are responsible for maintaining a safe product, yet given how many e-scooters there are out on the streets, it seems almost impossible for these companies to maintain every single e-scooter in good condition. Many even believe that e-scooter companies don’t really inspect and maintain all the e-scooters in the first place. Therefore, e-scooter malfunction is a very realistic possibility. Common examples of e-scooter malfunction include flat tires, handlebars collapsing, brake issues, and motor problems.

When an E-Scooter Rider Avoids a Road Hazard

Another common type of e-scooter accident typically involves an e-scooter rider who is avoiding a road hazard. Even something as seemingly harmless as a pothole can cause an  e-scooter rider to lose control and become seriously injured. Debris, fallen branches, and construction material can all cause an  e-scooter rider to become injured while attempting to avoid that very hazard. 

In situations where a faulty road caused an e-scooter rider’s injuries, the municipality can be held liable for any injuries or losses caused by that road. There have also been instances where an e-scooter caused a crash. For example, a sudden outburst of  e-scooter accidents was connected to defective Lime e-scooters. In that case, a rider may sue the company that provided the defective  e-scooter.

 E-Scooter and Pedestrian Accidents

An accident between an e-scooter rider and a pedestrian can be serious, especially when a pedestrian is struck from behind. Let’s consider two examples.

Example 1: Mary is waiting to cross a street. She checks for oncoming cars, but doesn’t see a man riding an e-scooter in the bike lane where he is allowed to be. Mary steps out into the street and is hit by the man on the e-scooter. In this case, Mary may be held liable because she didn’t see the e-scooter rider.

Example 2: Sam is allowed to ride on the sidewalk. He is riding at 15 miles per hour, which is too fast for that crowded sidewalk. Jimmy then exits a local bar, steps on the sidewalk, and is hit by Sam, who is going too fast to stop. In this case, Sam is likely to be held liable for the accident.

Pedestrian Tripping Over an E-Scooter Accident

It has become increasingly common and problematic for e-scooter riders who have reached their destination to abandon their e-scooters in unsafe places. This can cause a pedestrian to trip and suffer injuries.

Pedestrians who are injured after tripping over an e-scooter may be entitled to compensation for their losses, depending on the circumstances. Below are a few common scenarios that state who would be liable in these situations:

  1. An e-scooter rider, when he or she leaves an e-scooter on the street for a victim to trip over.
  2. An e-scooter company, when the  e-scooter is left on the street for an unnecessarily long period of time.
  3. A premises owner, when the  e-scooter was abandoned on private property.
  4. A city, when it has the responsibility of removing e-scooters.

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