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Who Is Liable for Injuries on a Rental Property?

Renting a newly restored downtown Los Angeles loft is a genuinely exciting thing. But what happens if something goes wrong in an older building? What if an elevator breaks down and causes serious injuries? For the most part, any injuries or wrongful deaths that occur in rental property may subject a property owner to liability. 

However, a renter will not always have the right to file a premises liability claim. In the sections below, our knowledgeable premises liability attorneys will discuss premises liability as it relates to rental property. 

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Premises Liability Law

All property owners are required by law to maintain their rental properties in reasonably safe conditions. Exactly how much a landlord is required to do will depend on the visitor. Visitors to a property are invitees, licensees, or trespassers

  • Invitees are entitled to the greatest duty of care as they have been invited onto the property by the renters. 
  • A licensee is still owed a duty of care, but not as much as an invitee is. A licensee enters a property for their own reasons, for example, a utility worker or a salesperson. Nevertheless, they are given permission to enter the premises.
  • A trespasser has no reason or right to be on a property and is owed no duty of care whatsoever, unless he or she is a child. 

A tenant is generally thought of as an invitee. A landlord owes their renters the highest duty of care. This means regularly checking their property for obvious and not so obvious dangers, repairing damage as it occurs, and if necessary, posting adequate signage to warn residents about any potential hazards. Furthermore, a landlord must address slip and fall risks, damaged structures, security, and more. It’s important to note the laws related to tenant liability differ when it applies to Airbnb premise liability claims.

In essence, a property owner who fails to fulfill their duty of care to a renter — and this negligence causes harm or death — may be held liable for any losses sustained. 

Property Owners and Liability for Premises Liability Accidents

It is crucial that you revise your rental agreement for any clauses that attempt to shield the landlord from liability after a premises liability accident. However, the inclusion of such language is not enough to protect a landlord from liability, especially when he or she was negligent regarding their legally mandated duty of care. Regardless of such exclusionary clauses, a renter is still entitled to file a premises liability claim in the event of an injury. 

You will, however, need to prove that the landlord was guilty of negligence in order to recover damages for your losses. For starters, this means proving that you were an invitee and that your landlord did not fulfill his or her legal duty of care to you. 

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