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How Pedestrian Accidents Happen on the Road

Los Angeles is known for its heavy traffic. Thousands of vehicles occupy the roads on a daily basis, which puts pedestrians in a hazardous position. Fortunately, California offers protection for pedestrians who are wounded after getting involved in an accident with a vehicle.

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Vehicle Backing Up Pedestrian Accidents

Commonly seen in parking lots or on streets where a driveway is blocking visibility for drivers who are backing into a road. Regardless of visibility, a driver must always be aware of his or her immediate surroundings and slowly and carefully back up in order to react to any pedestrians who may be crossing.

Off Road Pedestrian Accidents

These typically occur when a driver veers off the road and strikes a pedestrian on the sidewalk or who is standing too close to the edge of the road. An example could be when someone is waiting at a bus stop or near a disabled vehicle and is then struck by a car. 

Pedestrian on the Side of the Road Accidents

These accidents typically occur when there is no sidewalk present. In such instances, a pedestrian may decide to walk on the far right side of the road. This is dangerous, especially after dark or when visibility is poor due to inclement weather, because a driver may not see a pedestrian on the side of the road. 

Pedestrian Crossing a Highway Accidents 

Generally happens along limited access highways or on off ramps. It is never a good idea to cross these roads, yet people sometimes do so when a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident. It is always recommended to stay in your vehicle, turn on your emergency lights, and wait for assistance. 

Vehicle Running Through an Intersection Pedestrian Accidents  

Particularly egregious, these incidents occur when a pedestrian is crossing an intersection and is struck by someone who is traveling straight through that intersection. There are many reasons for this to occur, including malfunctioning traffic signals, or worse, when someone deliberately runs through a stop sign or a red light.These accidents are almost always a driver’s fault and may subject that driver to punitive damages.

Vehicle Turning at an Intersection Pedestrian Accidents 

Typically happens when a driver hits a pedestrian when making a turn and a pedestrian is crossing the street. A driver will usually be held liable for this type of accident. However, whether a pedestrian was legally crossing a street or even wearing dark clothing at night may affect issues of comparative liability.

Failing to Yield at a Crosswalk Pedestrian Accidents 

Crosswalks are designed to allow a pedestrian to safely get to where they need to. The law requires all drivers to stop for anyone who is crossing the street at an intersection. Unfortunately, there are impatient drivers who choose not to watch for pedestrians and who may end up hitting an unsuspecting pedestrian instead of yielding.

Sudden Dash Across the Street Pedestrian Accidents 

Typically caused by a pedestrian’s negligence, this kind of incident can also be caused or made worse by a negligent driver. These accidents occur when a pedestrian enters a street from the side of the road and steps into the path of an oncoming vehicle. 

A pedestrian will generally be found liable for not using a crosswalk, but a driver may also share a degree of liability if he or she was driving over the posted speed limit, intoxicated, or being reckless on the road. 

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