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Why Dog Owners Need to Prevent Dog Bites and Avoid Personal Injury Lawsuits

Every dog has the potential to bite, regardless of size, breed, or age. Most dogs will typically not bite someone unless they have been provoked in some way. The majority of all dog bites are preventable. There are so many things that an individual can do to help minimize the occurrence of a bite. 

Below, we will discuss several strategies anyone can use to help prevent a dog bite or attack. If you have suffered a dog bite, our qualifieddog bite attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers are always here to answer any questions you may have about dog bite claims and available damages.

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Why Dogs Bite

A dog can bite for a variety of reasons. Dogs typically will bite when they are afraid, in a stressful situation, for self-defense, or to defend their food, puppies, or toys from perceived threats. Dogs also can bite when they are sick or just not feeling well. 

It’s also common for a dog who is playing to accidentally bite someone. We recommend not play-fighting with a dog you’re not familiar with, as that can cause it to become overly excited and unintentionally bite. 

Preventing Dog Bites

Be a Responsible Pet Owner

This is perhaps the most important step you can take. This means choosing a dog that is appropriate for your circumstances. It also means that you must give your dog regular exercise, adequate training, and also have it spayed or neutered. Being a responsible dog owner will set the foundation for minimizing aggressive or uncontrolled outbursts, such as bites and attacks.

Have Your Dog Socialize

A dog that has not been socialized or exposed to different scenarios is more likely to  become agitated and possibly bite. Exposing your dog to other animals, people, and new settings will help it become more comfortable in different situations. It is best to begin inserting your dog in social settings when it is still a puppy. Always make sure to keep your dog leashed in case it becomes nervous or agitated when being introduced to new people and animals.

Recognize Risks and Avoid Them

There are many obvious and not so obvious scenarios you should avoid in order to minimize a bite risk. Try to avoid petting or approaching a dog when: 

  • The dog is not accompanied by its owner
  • The dog is asleep or eating
  • The dog is sick or hurt
  • The dog is with its puppies, or seems protective and anxious about you being there
  • The dog is with his or her owner, and the dog owner has not given you permission to approach or pet the dog
  • The dog is on the other side of a fence
  • The dog is playing with a toy
  • The dog growls or barks
  • The dog wants to be left alone

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